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Archive 181 - June 2017
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Legislature's House Democrats sidestep State Constitution to raise $670 million, by Oregon State Legislator Werner Reischke, House District 56, posted to KBC 6/29/17

Bills moving through Congress: House Natural Resource Meeting 6/27 for Mark Up of Bills - Important! 6/26/17. Proposed Federal Land acquisitions, etc.

Action Alert! SB 252 Hampers Progress of SGMA / Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, 6/26/17, California Farm Bureau Federation  6/26/17

Why California gun owners may be breaking the law on July 1, Sac Bee 6/26/17.

Democrats vs Republicans in Salem's Senate; "Salem's priorities are twisted", Sen. Alan Olsen 6/26/17.

Dems kill Republicans' effort to safeguard academic faculty from being exploited by thuggish Unions, Senator Dennis Linthicum 6/26/17

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 6/23/17, California Beef Commission assessment, rodent control, 'Call Before You Dig,' employers to provide 1q2 weeks parental leave to bond with baby, vineyard assessment, exemption for Cal/OSHA regulations from regulatory assessment, water diversions, irrigation ponds, mandate for new water well permit applicants.

Ranchers fume as ‘Rainbow Family’ set to camp on federal land in Oregon, H&N 6/22/17. "He said the “takeover of federal ground” is no different than the Bundy group’s occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters...."

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 6/16/17. a record high $183.2 billion state budget, BOE reforms that eliminate checks and balances, oversight, and accountablilty, dam safety, new well permit requirements.

"Brown AWOL on veterans issues" by Oregon State Senator Kim Thatcher 6/12/17

Water adjudication: Wogan hears exceptions to state's decree, H&N 6/9/17.

Water discord: Upper Basin ranchers seek solution with Tribes, and A long family history on the homestead H&N 6/4/17

Permanent ban on suction dredging passes Oregon House, H&N 6/2/17.

Reclamation cancels water surges on Klamath River, H&N 6/1/17.

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