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Archive 159 - August 2015
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Judge rules Obama administration water rule should be halted, Yahoo News 8/27/15

Changes To Tuition Act Prove Doubters Right; Your tax dollars now supporting college for undocumented aliens, Senator Whitsett, The Register Guard, and H&N 8/27/15.

Rep. Gail Whitsett Announces Interim Committee Appointments, Legislative Update 8/25/15.

Toxic algae levels still increasing, H&N 8/25/15. “We haven’t had any reports (of wildlife die-offs) specific to Upper Klamath Lake this year,”...

Tulelake Irrigation District Special Board Meeting Agenda 8/25/15

Feinstein urges Obama to bypass Congress to create 3 California monuments in desert, Orange County Register 8/23/15

BOR wins lawsuit over water transfer, H&N 8/22/15

August 22 - Siskiyou County Republican Women's fundraiser Yreka with Katy Grimes, political journalist.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 8/21/15: proposed gas tax $.42/gallon, vehicle registration nearly double plus new $100 fee, "Farm Bureau is opposed to SB226) as it includes state intervention language that we find unacceptable, grants other state authorities that we believe should not be granted and places all the language in the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act which we believe impacts groundwater rights." mandatory greenhouse gas reduction to 80% below 1990 levels, minimum wage to $11 by January 2016, $13 by July 2017, mandatory health insurance for more than 25 employees, more.....

Klamath Tribes receive business grant, $98,000,  8/20/15

Comments by Werner Hoyt, PE were sent to KBC News in response to the Draft EIS for Long Term Plan to protect adult salmon in the Lower Klamath River, 8/20/15

Comments by KWUA/Klamath Water Users Association to Bureau of Reclamation regarding Environmental Impact Statement for the Draft Long-Term Plan for Protecting Late Summer Adult Salmon in Lower Klamath River, 8/20/15

Tulelake Irrigation District well reports to 8/17/15

NEWS RELEASE: Reclamation Releases Draft Environmental Document to Supplement Flows in the Lower Klamath River with Trinity Reservoir Water

 Notice of Intent To Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Long-Term Plan To Protect Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River, Humboldt County, California.
*Klamath Falls meeting Aug 11
*COMMENTS DUE Aug 20  (KBC received this link that works on Aug 20th from the Bureau..the one in their press release did not work) http://www.usbr.gov/mp/kbao/docs/long-term_plan_protect_lower_klamath_04-2015.pdf

Major-northern-california-event-will-expose-global-climate-engineering August 14, 2015.  HERE for KBC's  Chemtrail/Climate Engineering Page


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