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A united population leads a vital change; voters and citizens need to be kept informed

Herald and News 10/28/12 by Tom Mallams, guest writer

I am proud to be a citizen of Klamath County. Klamath County has, time after time, come together as a community to fight a united battle against out-of-control government and other forces bent on dividing and destroying our great community and way of life.

I draw strength, courage and example not only from our local citizens, but also from our Founding Fathers as they persevered in an uphill struggle for our independence, and established a way of life completely unknown and foreign to the rest of the world.

If they had not put their “all” on the line, we would still be under British rule today. Our degree of independence is an unimaginable concept to the majority of other nations. We have enjoyed, and often times taken for granted, our many freedoms. Generations of sacrificing citizens have waged the battle for these very freedoms, both on the literal battlefield and the more subtle battlefield of politics, whether local, statewide or nationally.

As a community, we find ourselves at a major crossroads. We have two choices: work together in unity or allow outside forces to divide us. Looking at the many varied endorsements for my candidacy shows the citizens’ desire to work together for common solutions.

The most recent additions to my endorsements include former state Sen. Steve Harper, Ted Lindow and Nell Kuonen (both former county commissioners) and Kelley Minty Morris (vote2012tom.com).

I believe we have to stand tall and straight in opposition to all forces working against our community’s ability to move in a positive direction of improved viability and prosperity. I believe in “real” compromise, only when all other options have been exhausted.

Numerous times I have been openly criticized for standing by my principles. I will continue to refuse to surrender our rights as citizens and call it compromise. Compromise should never require surrender.

I continue to oppose Klamath Dam Removal and the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement because they are literally surrender agreements.

The KBRA started out as a noble effort to solve many of our local water issues but in the end, it simply does not deliver. There is no certainty of water for agriculture, there is no protection from the Endangered Species Act, there is no protection from the biological opinions and there is no affordable power for irrigated agriculture.

The Total Maximum Daily Load issue is another prime example of out-of-control big government that has to be stopped and exposed for what it is.

The total lack of “real science” is so blatant, and the requirements so unattainable, that logic and common sense have obviously been left completely out of the entire process.

Increased economic growth is encouraged by being fiscally responsible. Klamath County must live within its means. Long-term strategies have to be put into place.

Hard decisions will have to be made. The challenges facing Klamath County did not appear overnight and they will not be solved overnight.

The power of real, needed change rests with a united population focused with local leaders working in harmony for the betterment of all. Putting aside our past differences and focusing on our common goals will be required. Some will certainly criticize my opinion as unattainable, but I firmly believe, as our Founding Fathers did, failure is not an option. We have to be committed to put “our all” on the line, just as they did.

We, as citizens, and especially as voters, have a responsibility to continue to be informed and involved, and above all, cast your vote and make a difference!




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