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Good examples of Mallams' leadership

Herald and News Letter to the Editor by Carol LeQuieu, Klamath Falls 5/8/16

Tom Mallams has proven his statesmanship; we should keep him in office for many reasons, but let me list just two.

First, he has the courage to challenge overreaching bureaucracies (in this case the Oregon Water Resources Department) by appealing a ruling based on modeling only. Modeling is like circumstantial evidence; bureaucracies should never be able to cause financial harm based on circumstantial evidence. And the empirical evidence Commissioner Mallams has gone to the expense to collect does not support the modeling that the Oregon Water Resources used. He is to be applauded and supported for standing up to them.

Why? Let me explain it this way: despotic governments exist to sustain themselves, protect and serve themselves; all too often our “fourth branch of government”, the bureaucracy, has become similar in that it focuses on implementing its own agenda.

All too often the bureaucratic arm of government lives for itself, protects itself, and serves itself and the ideological allies who sustain it. That’s why it is important that citizens stand up to it when it overreaches. Tom has done a patriotic service.

And, he had the courage of his conviction in introducing the idea of placing our national motto in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room. He exhibited great patience to let the community voice both opposition and support. When it became clear that the vast majority supported the proposal, the other two commissioners voted to support the citizen majority and approve the placement of our national motto.

To have done otherwise would have been to let the minority rule. That would have been undemocratic. I urge your vote for Commissioner, Tom Mallams.

Carol LeQuieu, Klamath Falls


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