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Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion letter by Rex Cozzalio to Klamath County Commissioners


When the existing Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument was created, extensive and adamant promises were made to the affected regional majority in opposition.   Forcibly imposed upon the affected public, the ensuing years have proven EVERY ONE of those promises a premeditated lie:


- Ranchers with generations of vested contributions helping CREATE the biodiverse region and assured by proponents would have continuing ability for survival were surreptitiously regulated into extinction.


- Residents within the monument boundaries have been harassed and impeded into compelled positions of 'willing sellers'.


- 'Preservation and access to the public' has instead resulted in essentially unmanaged lands made virtually inaccessible through road decommissioning and policy degraded conditions through the dominance of invasive weed species and fire potential growth.


- 'Untouchable' fire policies have resulted in 'real world' consequential added risk and threat to the lives and property of residents in and adjacent to the monument borders evidenced during recently experienced fires.


- Promised vast increase of regional jobs and income from 'monument status' relative to the many livelihoods and productive regional benefits lost has instead seen NO identifiable resulting increases except to the pockets of those otherwise unaffected proponent NGOs and regulatory administering agencies.


Logically, the drastic monument expansion once again proposed by the same prior personally benefitting entities using the same already proven lies can produce NOTHING except a concurrently drastic EXPANSION of the previously experienced FAILURES. The only reasonable interpretation of those facts is that FURTHER expansion of 'rewilding' policy 'executive' imposed devastation and attrition to the region is the actual intended objective.


Federal lands should be accessible to all Americans, and should be actively managed for multiple benefits and multiple values. Expanding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument under the Antiquities Act would accomplish just the opposite.


We and the vast majority of Siskiyou County fought the previous intended California expansion of the Monument which mapped their ultimate intention for the Monument far beyond even those presently and destructively imposed.  This well documented intent goes far beyond even this incrementally oppressive agenda.  Once this irresponsible and unaccountable mandate is in place, the final stage becomes a short additional step.  Therefore, even after this travesty is implemented, the battle would  not be over, it would only be the beginning of one even greater..


My family and I are opposed to the proposed expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.  I would hope that enough resolute public attention in opposition can be made to impede a unilateral Executive Order.  As with the special interest KHSA/KBRA/KBCA/KPFA debacle, Wyden and Merkley are once again proving themselves the facilitators of an agenda using any deceptive means against the survival of the very regions they claim to represent.  Please consider opposing the Monument expansion.




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