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Opinion on Recall of Siskiyou Supervisor District 5

by Dave McCracken, President
New 49'er Prospecting Association
Happy Camp

Hang in there, Marcia! (Armstrong)

As times get more and more difficult, stress loads will cause people who are on the same side to take it out on each other. Every structure has a breaking point. Under heavy loads, social structures break down where there are cracks, disagreements and increased emotional loads amongst people who help hold the structure together.

Regardless of how hard we try to defend the remaining productive economic activity which supports the County, my best bet is that things are going to get worse, before they start getting better. This over-regulation nonsense has not reached the end, yet. Imagine these fools are serious about eliminating our only source of clean energy; the County's largest material economic assets! It is pure madness!

People are looking for the silver bullet that will fix the big problems we face. This is also very common in our mining industry.

All of the environmental laws, regulation and enforcement have us tied up in knots. There is no simple solution. It is all going to have to be carefully unwound. Unfortunately, the Obama and Brown Administrations have their federal and State administrative agencies busy making the knots tighter. Where is the silver bullet for that?

There is nobody I am aware of who could replace your dedication, integrity, and smarts. Many of us greatly appreciate the work you do for us, all the way back to the Farm Bureau days.

Most people don't really understand what we are really up against. So they are easily led by others, also who are on our side, who call out for more direct solutions which probably won't work.

If County defense structure breaks down to the point where you are recalled, you can move on knowing that you did your absolute best, and those who recall you will be one big step closer to their/our ultimate fate; a place where we are probably going to ultimately end up, anyway.

My best wishes are with you as you have to suffer through this mess.

With admiration,

Dave McCracken, President
New 49'er Prospecting Association
Happy Camp"


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