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CERA presents Gov't Overreach Conference in Riverton, WY

By Erika Bentsen
June 5, 2014
Western Ag Reporter
Billings, MT

            Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) will host a two day conference June 14-15th in response to the rapid increase of federal government intrusion across the west.  Held at the Fremont Center at Fremont County Fairgrounds, it is intended for counties and communities in the Western States feeling isolated and unheard.  Promising to inform and educate state, county, and local leaders, and citizens about federal Indian policies (FIP) that are impacting Fremont county, the goal of the conference is to teach leaders and citizens in all Western States how to "push back on the constant overreaching federal government agencies that make decisions expanding tribal government authority and jurisdiction."  This conference will provide the public with the "tools and courage to stand upon supportive judicial rulings and the Constitutional principles that guarantee property right, citizen and state sovereignty."

            With the title:  "Federal Executive Branch Overreaching: Air, Land, Water & Property Rights," organizer and CERA board member Elaine Willman claims "this two-day educational event offers a major opportunity to network with colleagues in other counties, states and organizations to share best practices, and to be updated on the abundance of federal activities accelerating across our States."  A major topic for discussion will be the Wyoming EPA's attempt to "resurrect long-ago disestablished lands" even though the Courts have ruled that the EPA has no authority to "create jurisdiction."

            Registration for this event and hotel package rates are available at www.citizensalliance.org.  The event is expected to be well attended.  Pre-registration is not required and $10 will get you in the door.


Who is CERA?

            According to a press release, Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) is the only national organization that provides education and information regarding federal Indian policy, or FIP.  The group originally organized in the mid-1980s to assist enrolled tribal members who have no 14th Amendment protections or civil rights within their tribal government.

            Concerned with tribal governments being granted the authority over parental rights of tribal children under 18 years of age, undesired off-reservation casinos, and other actions resulting in tribal governments governing non-tribal fee lands and taxing non-tribal persons, CERA stepped up to bring awareness of this oppression to the public.

            With an intent to help Indians first, it isn't Indian-only.  Their website claims CERA "does not tolerate racial prejudice of any kind.  We don't knowingly associate with anyone who discriminates based on race.  CERA supports and defends the constitutional rights of Indians and non-Indians.  Our mission is to change federal Indian policies that threaten or restrict the individual rights of all citizens living on or near Indian reservations."

            It goes on to say "CERA makes very clear distinctions between respect for all cultures . . . .  We address government decisions that impact tribal and local non-tribal residents when such federal, state, local or tribal decisions extend tribal government jurisdiction beyond their limited authority to self-govern their enrolled members and Indian trust lands."

            Importantly, CERA respects and upholds the rights of all citizens.  "Our position is critical of federal laws and policies that deny Indian reservation residents their full Constitutional rights.  Our intent is to raise awareness and debate over these federal laws, policies, regulations.  Our criticism of these federal laws and policies is not prejudice against Indian people or culture."


Federal Executive Branch Overreaching . . . Air, Land, Water & Property Rights

Saturday, June 14th, 9am to 4pm

Sunday, June 15th, 9am to 2pm

Fremont County Fairgrounds in Riverton, Wy.  Registration and details available at:



From the citizensalliance.org website:

"The greatest injustice the federal government has imposed on Indian people during the 20th century is to make us citizens, but deny us most of the basic rights of citizenship . . . equality under the law, impartial courts, due process, and protection of the basic liberties of speech, assembly, press and property.  These do NOT exist on Indian reservations."

----William J. Lawrence, J.D.; publisher of the Native American Press/Ojibwe News, former BIA official, and member of the Red Lake Band of Cheppewa Indians.




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