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"...states that are using Cloud Seeding as a way to try and Mitigate this climate Change crisis is absolutely preposterous..."

Oregon Cattle Rancher's letter to KBC with links describing Cloud Seeding agendas and implementation 4/6/22

"Howdy , I am ... a Cattle Rancher here in Central Oregon and am in a irrigation district reeling from the drought here , NOT as bad as Klamath Falls , YET , but for Oregon to be sitting by and not collaborating with all the other states that are using Cloud Seeding as a way to try and Mitigate this climate Change crisis is absolutely preposterous and if its because of trying to propel the Climate Change agenda to end Fossil Fuel use , then I think this needs to be a Oregon State Legislative Emergency Session debate Immediately !!! I have been sending this Cloud Seeding Info to Oregon State Legislature and my Irrigation districts  and the recommendation by the USDA Water Specialist Ron Abramovich calling on all Pacific Northwest States to start collaborating and implementing Idaho Power Cloud Seeding technologies  and NO ONE says anything !!!!

  So its time for  Oregon Citizens  to Do a Class Action Lawsuit against the Oregon State Legislature for Negligence to Encourage them to ACT   because we have a scientific way thats being used in neighboring states to try and mitigate the effects of climate change, while our state is playing politics with the Narrative of Climate change to end Fossil Fuel Use !!!   We dont know how long it will take to recover the climate after ending fossil fuel use SO in the mean time we need to act on what Science has for us to try and mitigate our crisis with LIKE Cloud SEEDING !!!! 

This Desert Research Institute is on the cutting edge of all things Climate Change with a Holistic approach to using a wide range of TOOLS to Mitigate our Climate Change Crisis, https://www.dri.edu/about/partner-with-us/ ,   Oregon DEQ is a Partner . So this makes me wonder if Oregon DEQ knows about this Institutions Cutting Edge Cloud Seeding technology and has Concealed it to Oregon Legislators , and or if Oregon legislators as well as all Water Mangers in Oregon have known about this Technology and have ignored concealed it for ideological reasons , and or for grants and donations that having this technology actively operating and it be a factor in qualifying grant proposals then this could be considered Criminal Negligence , and shows that grant qualifications need to be changed so Drought is NOT used in Grant qualifications pertaining to Water Conservation grant applications because it is HOLDING BACK TOOLS needed to Mitigate Drought conditions !!!!  

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This Study by Berkley LAB is Extremely Direr and More reason to consider Cloud Seeding in Oregon ,   https://columbiainsight.org/study-says-cascades-could-have-no-snowpack-in-50-years/

This from 7 years ago … where we might be today if our leaders were paying attention and not playing politics so hard with the idea of climate change ??? !!!! https://www.snowboarder.com/transworld-snowboarding-archive/snowboarding-features/every-cloud-has-a-silver-iodide-lining/


This Capital Press article is by the USDA Water Specialist , calling on all pacific northwest states to implement Idaho Power Cloud Seeding ,


The Washington Post: Cloud seeding gains steam as West faces worsening droughts


Idaho power website,


Reno has a cloud seeding team to Service the Tahoe Ski Resorts ,


Notice where they are cloud seeding and not cloud seeding   ,


See what Idaho legislature Has done  , https://legislature.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/sessioninfo/2021/legislation/H0266.pdf

This shows locations of  Idaho cloud seeding ground units , As you will see they are located primarily on the west side of rocky mountains and a few on the edge of the sawtooth mountains above Idaho Falls


I think Oregon Legislature is in Violation of their Oath of Office , heres how …   https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/Pages/OrConst.aspx

Go to Article XV ,  Section 3 Oath of Office under number 1:  , it says they will restore and protect Rivers Streams Habitat etc , so with Idaho’s  Cloud Seeding Technology being championed by USDA for all Pacific Northwest States to start implementing the program , from a Legal Standpoint the Oregon Legislative Body is in Violation of their Oath under “ Official Duties “ , see here ,  https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action?selectedDivision=6577

Under Compliance and Sanctions  Chapter 244 ,  https://www.oregon.gov/ogec/Pages/laws.aspx 

This from 3 years ago ,



Here is Utah Cloud Seeding Program ,   https://water.utah.gov/cloudseeding/ 


California Cloud Seeding ,



Wyoming Cloud Seeding ,


Colorado Cloud Seeding , 


More Cloud Seeding info:




This link shows a Ground Generator breakdown of technology that is used on Generator, notice the Satellite linkup head so operation can be controlled from any location and computer program using Doppler radar weather detection to tell which generators to seed in location to most moisture content in cloud mass . This “ Target Seeding “ is how Idaho Power gets their budget ratio at 2 million dollars per 1 million acre ft of extra water  , scroll down to see generator picture ,      http://climateviewer.org/history-and-science/geoengineering-and-weather-modification/maps/grand-mesa-colorado-cloud-seeding-generators/  

Thanks again for your time."        



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