Bureau of Reclamation  Water Data Update April 11, 2005
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Water Year Type
Upper Klamath Lake: Dry
Klamath River: Dry
Additional Information
Snow Pack Percent of Average: 44%
UKL April September Stream Flow Forecast: 215,000 acre-feet @ 50% exceedance
Klamath River Flow Forecast: 190,000 acre-feet @ 70% exceedance
Upper Klamath Lake Level: 4,143.10 feet
Upper Klamath Lake Inflow Seven-day Average: 1,151.43 cfs
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Link River Releases: 588 cfs
Keno Releases: 699 cfs
Iron Gate Dam Releases: 1,220 cfs
Biological Opinion Requirement: 822 cfs
Water Bank Used to Date: 15,967 acre-feet
Scott River Flow: 597 cfs
Shasta River Flow: 110 cfs
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