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4th generation Tulelake rancher Lucky Ackley's feelings on Klamath Basin water shutoff

April 16, 2021

I have took a long time to comment on the man made disaster that my fellow farmers and ranchers are facing in the Klamath Basin. Its so hard to put into words. Anger is the first emotion that has worked its way into our lives. Anger at this tyrannical government, anger at the socialist "science" that has decimated the farming and ranching community. I have never understood how a person with no respect, no understanding, can look down on us with true disgust and play with us like a mean kid and a microscope on ants. WE ARE NOT BENEATH YOU. YOU WORK FOR US. This is one of many problems that we face. The government has lost all sense of itself. This country has lost all since of itself. We as a community are good. We take what is provided to us by God's great wisdom and turn it into food, fiber, and meat. All of which the socialist masses could not survive without. I would love to see one of you eat that battery in your new electric car.
The second emotion that has settled into our daily lives is uncertainty. We have lost control of our dreams. We don't know what is instore for us. But make no mistake we are a tuff bunch and we will not go away quietly. We will have our day in the sun when the socialist masses are hungry. Keep taking our water. Keep encroaching onto our farmland. Keep removing cows from the grasslands. Keep removing loggers from our forests. We will out last you. If there is one thing that I know for certain, you need us more than we need you.
My final emotion is hope. I hope that someday very soon we finally get the respect and admiration we all deserve. This is not a easy way of life. Beside all the government BS that we have to work around. Mother nature can be hard to understand and not always is she kind. But we still soldier on. I hope that the future generations will not have it so hard. I hope they are respected for the job that they do.
Finally I would like to say there are a lot of good people always pulling for us. Lots of meetings and endless hours away from their families and farms. For you! We all know who they are. So if you bump into one of them just say thanks. We may not have got the outcome we all wanted but it was not for a lack of trying from our side. It was the lack of the socialist government officials not giving one single thought about us. We don't matter to them as much as a fish. But smile someday soon we will be all that matters. God bless and hold tight. We will win this battle because we are on the good side of things.



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