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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources.

"How in the hell is the rest of America and other countries going to feed themselves let alone the needy when you shut the water off to the farmers...?"

by Klamath Basin farmer Rodney Cheyne 5/12/21

"You know In America there are programs to end hunger. Especially for children, school lunch programs so kids don't go hungry during school day. Summer lunch programs so kids can get at least one meal a day. Food banks to help the needy and hungry who can't afford food. My question now is how in the hell is the rest of America and other countries going to feed themselves let alone the needy. When you shut the water off to the farmers who put that stored water to beneficial use to do what? You guessed it grow crops that help feed you, me, the needy, the kids, the tribes that claim the salmon and suckers are their staple in their diet. (Uh huh). How are people so far removed from reality? no water no farming no jobs no crops no processing no trucking etc all resulting in a raw food shortage! So all you who do not support agriculture help spread the word stop eating! Because the food at your supermarket will be running low so high time everyone figured out how to live without food! The American farmer is the most efficient effective producer on planet earth stop biting the hand that feeds! And stop bitching with your mouth full!"


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