Klamath Water Users Association 


2004 Board of Directors,
Officers and Committees




Postion 1: Tulelake Irrigation District - Earl Danosky, Vice-President. (Bill Heiney, alternate)

Position 2: Klamath Irrigation District, Warren Act & Group E - Dave Solem, President. (Dave Cacka, alternate)

Position 3: Klamath Drainage District, Midland Improvement District, and Klamath Hills - Sam Henzel (Luther Horsely, alternate)

Position 4: At Large (Langell Valley and Horsefly)  - Lon Baley (Gary Wright, alternate)

Position 5: Shasta View and Malin - Harold Hartman (Gary Derry, alternate)

Position 6: Enterprise, Pine Grove & Poe Valley - Ernie Wigget (Bill Essig, alternate)

Position 7: Van Brimmer, P Canal, West Side, & Sunnyside - Steve Kandra (Rob Crawford, alternate)

Position 8: Ady, Plevna & Keno - Bob Flowers (Deb Crisp, alternate)

Position 9: Klamath Basin Improvement District - Ed Bair (Bill Kennedy, alternate)

Position 10: Upper Klamath Basin Watershed - Mark Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer (Craig Ditman, alternate)

Position 11: At Large - Bob Gasser (John Nichols, alternate)

Executive Director - Dan Keppen

President: Steve Kandra
Vice President: Mark Campbell
Secretary/Treasurer: Lon Baley

Administrative Assistant - Julie Borja

       Administrative Committee - Chair  Lon Baley, Bob Gasser, Mark Campbell
        Budget Committee: Chair Luther Horsley, Steve Kandra, Lon Baley
        Water Bank and Supply Enhancement Committee - Chair: Gary Wright, Bill Kennedy, Bill Heiney
        Public Relations Committee - Chair: Rob Crawford, Bob Gasser, Mike Burn
        Legal Committee - Chair: Dave Solem, Sam Henzel, Harold Hartman
        Power Committee - Chair: Lynn Long, John Nichols, Harold Hartman
        Science Committee: Chair: Dave Solem, Lon Baley, Bob Gasser


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